Winning tips for Soft-Pitch Softball

better Softball Soft-pitcher SSoft-pitch softball is a ball game popularly known for high scores and big hits. Most people think that the pitcher's task is to lob the ball above the plate and then the defense will do the work and get hold of the batter to a double or single. However, a good soft-pitch player will use the aggression of the batter against him and look for a way to obtain a big hit out in an important moment. The game is not all about controlling a lineup and shutting opponents. It is all about dodging in crucial situations. The following are some of the winning tips for soft-pitch softball.

Strike the mat

When you're pitching in soft-pitch softball, you are not aiming to throw your ball above the plate between the armpits and the knees of the batter. You are merely striving to strike the mat at the plate's back since that's what the arbitrator centers his hit calls on. However, you cannot throw the ball more than 12 feet higher, but you can play with such a height making it hard a hard pitch to strike for the batter.

Throw hits earlier

To slow down a tough offense, you have to on the lead when it comes to the count. Obtaining a count of 0-2 0r 1-2 will automatically put you in control and may take off some of the aggression of the batter. However, if you lag, the striker will focus on the pitch he intends to see and then unload on it. Once you are on the lead, he has to put a lot of effort to keep the ball going, and this increases the level of anxiety.

Learn various pitches

The more pitches you have at your disposal, the better pitcher you will become. Practice on throwing a straight pitch, a pitch where there is no ball movement. Utilize the slider pitch to create the ball arc to the right or left at the end of your pitch. If you are a left-handed pitcher, then the ball will automatically curve to the right and vice versa if you're a right-handed pitcher. Train yourself to throw an arched ball, which arcs on the opposite side of the slider. Create a spin ball, and contingent on how you release it, you can use a backward or forward spin on it. Combining your pitches is a good strategy since it'll keep the batter speculating.

Be a perfect fielder

A pitcher in soft-pitch softball should be an exceptional fielder. Once you let go your pitch, you'll have to drop back either five or four steps and become an additional infielder. There is a large spot in the middle between the shortstop and your second baseman, and you'll have to be accountable for that area on the field. Because you are throwing some high curved pitches, you will get the chance to get back on track and make your plays in the field.