What’s Hal Skinner pitching these days?

Sneaky Softball Pitching WRecently, Hal Skinner wrote a book entitled ‘Sneaky Softball Pitching’. The Sneaky Softball Pitching book is about Tactics to destroy Hitter's timing in the game, and the best softball game tactics. It basically contains the best games’ pitching advice. The book is available in audio form, and you can listen to it online. Also, you can get the book in PDF form.

Sneaky pitching tactics

From the title Sneaky Pitching Tactics, the book is about tactful strategies you can apply in softball. When you follow the advice in this book one by one, you will be able to remain a prominent pitcher. You will pitch faster, and pitch successfully.

Hal Skinner, the author of this book is a successful and recognized pitcher. In this book, he has highlighted the secrets that lead to his successful pitching. Any pitcher can apply these tactics, and be a champion too. As a successful pitcher in softball, you should be unpredictable most of the time. The unpredictability helps you destroy the Hitter's Timing. Also, you confuse the hitters since they don't know your moves. Hal Skinner points out that one of the reasons many pitchers lose is because they are predictable. You need to purpose to be different to make it in the softball game.

Sneaky Pitching Tactics is a must have book if you want to learn the secrets of the softball game. Reading the book enhances your confidence in the game too. Confidence is crucial in the game as it allows you make sound decisions. You move fast, tactfully and accurately.

In softball it's important for the pitcher to be unpredictable. The batter should not predict your motions. Let the batter watch the ball first to determine its speed. This guarantees you a win.

Always make sure the batter spends the time to study your tactics. In fact, batters are trained to observe and study the pitcher’s strategy. Therefore, being as unpredictable as possible takes away the batter’s timing.

When you are consistently unpredictable, batters cannot swing at all as they don’t know the speed of the ball beforehand. Also, the runners mostly leave the pitch earlier. These uninformed moves by your opponents make you a winner all the time. Always make sure the ball leaves your hand at a higher speed than the batters can master. Be consistent in stunning the batters every time.

There are various ways you can remain on top of the softball game. The book gives the detailed moves you should make as a champion. You only need to practice and master them. The tactics are easy to apply. Although they are many, you only need to master a few of them.


You can defeat batters if you read and practice the various strategies in Hal Skinner’s book. You don’t have to remain at the bottom in the softball game. There is so much you can do to win. Hal Skinner has now summarized that in his book. The book is accessible from anywhere. It’s true you may not meet Hal Skinner to instruct and coach you in softball. But, you can download and read his book.