No punches pulled but we’re not being soft either!

We all love softball, which is why we created this website for anyone who loves softball too. Now not everything we write is going to be about is about softball. So if you love softball, we bet you’ll feel at home just fine.

Maximilian Jetters

Somebody has to be the website writer, and I think I do the job just fine, thank you very much. I love the quote, 'Winners never quit and quitters never win". It is the mantra that I live by and it has walked me through stormy weather. Earlier in my career, I was always on the second team. I worked hard to get better at my game every day. And all that effort finally paid off because I am now on the starting team and I have never missed a game since joining it My online name is Matrix Max. I think Matrix is the coolest movie ever.

Corey Hillman

I am working hard doing double time as the website editor. Young softball players often ask me, "How can I be the best at softball?" I always give them the same answer, "Train hard and love the game". Because if you train hard, you will get better at your game. And if you love the game, it is not hard to commit to the work. My friends nicknamed me Retro Tango and now almost everyone I know calls me Retro Tango or just ‘RT’. I do love retro music. And I do the Tango a lot, sometimes subconsciously, even when I am around other people.

Karen ‘September Kid’ Clarke

I really try to put my all when contributing my best articles for this site. This is me in one sentence, "I love sports because I love life, and sport is one of the basic joys of life". Literary speaking, every day of my life begins and ends with sports in it And I wouldn't have it any other way. This website is important to me because I get to reach a much wider and more diverse audience through the content I contribute. I got the nickname September Kid while playing softball in middle school. Someone asked me when was my birthday and I said in September, so they yelled ‘Hey- she’s a September Kid too’, and it has stayed with me since.

Vicky Bennett

What I do is really simple but very special for all our event reports. I love softball. I feel very lucky to be a part of this amazing group of people that share the same passion for softball as I do. When I first found, I also found a home. And that is why almost everything I wear is branded with the tag, "Softball Vicki". My family does not understand my enthusiasm for game. But always tell them. "You are proud of the me more because I found softball”.

We want to create a safe space for softball geeks to be themselves and interact with each other. We hope to grow this community. And to inspire other people to pick interest in the game, because it is a beautiful game. We are also committed to curating high quality content which is informative, educative, and fun to read.


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